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Deaf Entrepreneurs are Enjoying the Benefits of a Technological Evolution

Largely enabled by the advances in technology and resources, deaf entrepreneurs interested in taking on the challenge of starting a new company have more options than ever. With technology, deaf entrepreneurs can start their own business, whether it’s an accounting firm, a bakery down the street or even a yoga studio, without few complications, according […]

After All These Years, Four Tops Singer Says He Still Loves His Job

The story of The Four Tops – one of Detroit’s most legendary musical groups – starts when Abdul “Duke” Fakir was eight years old. It is a story of unity, friendship and professionalism that ranks The Four Tops among the rare group of singing superstars that stayed together for decades. Together, The Four Tops created […]

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Longtime Retailer Going Through Huge Renovations, New Store Openings

Some names are legendary in retail, and when you hear them you instantly think you know everything about those stores. A good example is Mr. Alan’s, a longtime sneaker and sports-apparel chain. But today’s Mr. Alan’s is a far different place than it used to be when it was founded more than 40 years ago. […]

Millennials Needed for Collaborative Workshops Through One Earth Writing

Running a business – especially if you are the founder, president and chief bottle washer – can consume every minute of your day. Yet the need to give back, to create positive change and share what you’ve learned with another generation also pulls at many entrepreneurs. That is where Lynne Golodner found herself recently, looking […]

Wedding Expert Rigsby to Open Detroit’s Newest Bridal Shopping Hot Spot

Keasha Rigsby is a bridal expert, having helped thousands of women find that one perfect dress to get them down the aisle. Now, Rigsby is bringing that expertise to Detroit where she will open her first U.S. flagship store, Beautiful Bridal, with her co-founder Vallery Hyduk. The full-service boutique, which opens next month, will be […]

A Mix of Faith, Hard Work and Family Drives This One Person Wonder

She writes. She creates public-relations strategies. She does yoga. She bakes bread. She blogs. She is a public speaker. And, sometimes, she does it all in a single day. She’s not Wonder Woman – she’s Lynne Golodner, Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Your People LLC in Huntington Woods. Golodner is being honored as a […]

Talk About a Scary Job: Be a Character at One of Michigan’s Largest Haunted Houses

Plenty of job postings likely pass by your eye either on social media, websites like LinkedIn or through search queries of your own. But some of them truly stand out – especially when they involve working for one of the scariest employers in all of Michigan or even the nation. If you’ve ever wondered what […]

Michigan Companies Rank High on New ‘Best Places for Millennials to Work’ List

Many employers puzzle over what the millennial generation wants at work – but few people actually thing to ask them directly. That is where the “Great Places to Work” survey comes in. Together with Fortune magazine, Great Places to Work asked the employees themselves, creating the 2015 list of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials […]

PR Exec Celebrates 10 Years of Business, Highlighting Great Stories, People

Josephine Dries describes her job in public relations as one part one part investigative reporter and one part promoter. “What I do it take a company that’s really good at what they do – they’re experts in their industry – and make sure that everyone gets to know them,” Dries said. Dries has spent the […]

Drive-In Theater Filmmaker to Speak at First AutoMoto Film & Arts Festival

There are a few things that are synonymous with Detroit: Cars, music, history and  love of a good party, especially one that combines all three of those elements. On May 28-30, three Detroit venues will host the first AutoMoto Detroit International Film & Arts Festival, a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates automobile history and all of […]

Job Titles: Have You Met the ‘Chief Troublemaker’ or the ‘Sassy Firecracker?’

Most jobs come with a title – something that designates what you do on the job and your ranking within the organization. Most of the time, these titles are fairly standard and, it could be said, somewhat pedestrian. But once in a while, you stumble upon something unique. Something fun. Here are a few examples […]

Holiday Parties Like This Might Make You Want to Switch Careers

Talk about your happy holidays: The staff at United Shore in Troy are what some might call professional celebrators. United Shore celebrated a tremendous year in 2014 – the second-best in company history, even in the slowest mortgage production year of the century – by rewarding its team members with pretty impressive prizes at this […]

Better Life Bags Builds on a Foundation of Fashion, Giving Back and Sustainability

Rebecca Smith is what she describes as a “creative entrepreneur.” She started by creating cute bags. Then she created a business to sell the cute bags. Then came the most creative move of all. She created a mission. This mother of three is the owner of Better Life Bags, a Hamtramck-based design and product company. […]