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5 Ways Companies Can Support Healthier Employees in the New Year

As companies ring in 2017, employees will return with a sense of rejuvenation, hope and determination. This is going to be the year they improve their health. Those businesses that provide them with a comprehensive wellness program may be their ticket to a happier, healthier tomorrow, says Amy Ritsema, co-founder of OnSite Wellness. Ritsema is […]

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Steal This Idea: Refresh Your Post-Holiday Skin with the Hair of the Dog

Many people make New Year resolutions to take better care of their bodies – but how many actually follow up on this idea? Self-care practices are not only important, they actually can help make you more productive. To start the New Year off right, the Detroit Grooming Company Barber Shop in Ferndale is making it […]

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5 Ways Leaders Can Take Charge in an Era of Digital Disruption

The rapid advancement of technology continues to change the world – and the marketplace – faster than many businesses can keep up, disrupting all their plans and threatening to render them obsolete. That’s why it may be time for business leaders to take the initiative and start doing a little disrupting of their own, says […]

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Talk About a Bonus: Ann Arbor Company Shares Its Success with Its Employees

Every company has a reason to celebrate at year’s end – they could honor their yearly success, talk about their employee efforts or think about the work to come and how they’ll accomplish even more in 2017. One company did all that and more. On the heels of a recent recapitalization, Avomeen Analytical Services, a […]


Electrical Apprentices Design Wreaths for Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

Baking cookies, singing carols and decorating for the holidays are a key part of getting ready for the holidays. But giving back to your community also should fit in there somewhere. Recently, student apprentices of Grand Rapids-based electrical firm Feyen Zylstra were able to give back through their creativity. The students and business donated six […]

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Should You Party Hardy? Six Tips on Holiday Etiquette at the Office

‘Tis the season for office parties, gift exchanges, and myriad opportunities for awkward situations at the office. Whether you’re the boss or an employee, there are a number of codes that govern what it means to be gracious – and keep your job — during the holidays. To help navigate these tricky topics is David […]

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These Simple Recipes Will Make You Look Like an Expert Host This Holiday

The holiday season has arrived, which means it’s that time of year when guests expect you to bring them some figgy pudding – or any type of pudding for that matter. After all, those guests likely subscribe to the idea that grabbing an extra slice of ham or overindulging in that box of chocolate-covered cherries […]

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Employee Support: Workplace Wins to Lose the Weight and Keep It Off

With the New Year around the corner, many employees are likely tackling one of the most popular resolutions: losing weight. Often people turn to fad diets to lose weight fast, but there is no quick fix for dropping pounds and keeping it off. According to the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of […]

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Steal This Idea: Company Gets Creative to Raise Donations for Game on Cancer

At its best, your job should be a mix of three things: Interesting, challenging and, believe it or not, fun. One Michigan company recently figured out a way to do all three things plus raise money for a good cause. M&O Marketing, a company based in Southfield, discovered how team work can make a difference […]

Words like tireless and tenacious are often used to describe Birgit Klohs.

Economic Forecast Predicts Job, Wage Growth in 2017 for West Michigan, State

While no one can predict the future, it is helpful to have people, businesses and organizations that can use data to help companies determine where the next 12 months may end up. Recently, the regional economic development organization The Right Place Inc. hosted its 21st annual West Michigan Economic Outlook at the Amway Grand Plaza […]

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Five Tips to Perfecting Your Dance Skills for All Social Occasions

Every year around this time, people brace themselves for the season of social dancing, with holiday parties and this year, an Inaugural Ball on the horizon. For some, dancing in social settings is no big deal. They’ll comfortably take their place on the dance floor when the music plays. However, many others may slink away […]


Planning a Holiday Get-Together? Try This Tasty Scallop Recipe

Planning grand, impressive meals for some may be the most stressful part of the holidays. Everyone wants to cook like a restaurant, but few know how. That’s where Andiamo restaurants come in. At Andiamo locations across metro Detroit, Executive Chef Jim Oppat is putting the finishing touches on a seasonal menu additions that makes the […]


How to Avoid Personal and Professional Mistakes When Using Social Media

Sometimes, it can seem like “social graces” are becoming a thing of the past as users Tweet and post opinions and information in the virtual world that they would not likely share in their immediate social circles. National speaker, communication expert, professor and author Leslie Shore sees the trend as well as the impact on […]

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5 Holiday Party Ideas to Create a Memorable Celebration This Season

With the holidays upon the workplace again, your company may be thinking about putting together an event for employees to celebrate the season together. As the economy has improved, more businesses are throwing holiday parties again. There are many types of parties out there, whether it is a small luncheon, an evening gala or just […]

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Steal This Idea: Grand Rapid Employment Company Highlights Giving Tuesday

Popular culture is familiar with the day after Thanksgiving holiday shopping kickoff known as Black Friday. And most people have heard of Cyber Monday, when online retailers offer sales and bargains. But what do you know about Giving Tuesday? Express Employment Professionals is one of those companies making sure they share and promote this special […]

Election 2

How to Conquer Post-Election Turbulence in the Workplace

The Presidential election is over yet the conversations about what will happen now, in January and in the four years to come. For employers, having those conversations trickle into the workplace can be challenging to say the least. S. Chris Edmonds, author of “The Culture Engine,” has some ideas on how to take the grab […]

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5 Ways to Engage Employees in Health and Wellness

While your company may have a wellness program and put emphasis on health in the workplace, your employees must be engaged for these initiatives to be successful. And, it’s human nature for your employees to want to know what’s in it for them before they’re motivated to improve their health. Kandi Lannen, director of wellness […]

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Business Executives to Sleep Out to Raise Funds, Awareness of Youth Homelessness

Few people would volunteer willingly to sleep outside in Michigan in November, no matter what the reason might be. That is just one of the reasons the upcoming Sleep Out: Executive Edition is an amazing event. Hosted by Covenant House Michigan, the event brings Metro Detroit’s business leaders together to sleep outside in solidarity, to […]