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Pushing for Prosperity

Nationwide, there are numerous cities that were once strongholds of the industrial revolution, beacons for job seekers intent on seeking new futures for a next generation. While many of those same cities eventually fell into disrepair and decline, the mantle of rustbelt worn with derision, some have now embraced a new hope. One standout example is […]

Retail Giant Walmart Keeps Finger in Online Space With Yet Another Purchase

Walmart, long known as the quintessential “brick and mortar” giant nationwide, has picked up another retailer known mainly for its online presence. The new acquisition, announced last week and first reported by CNET, is Moosejaw, a 10-store retailer based in Madison Heights, Mich. But the big attraction for Walmart, which paid $51 million for the […]

Home at Last

Across the nation, thousands of pork producers typically have, in their state or very near by, a facility they can transport their animals to for processing, an obviously key link in a chain that ends with customers selecting product from their grocery shelves or a restaurant patron ordering from the menu.

North American International Auto Show remains ‘key event’ for robust industry

It’s that season again. People across the United States, at least those who live in regions where there’s some “traditional” sense of weather distinction, experience four seasons—spring, summer, fall and winter. But when it comes to auto buyers—and more particularly the 16,680 franchised new car and truck dealers belonging to the National Automobile Dealers Association—we’re […]

Taking stock of infrastructure, one road, bridge, pipe and high-voltage line at a time

With less than two weeks before America’s 45th president takes office, those who listened to Donald J. Trump’s argument about the need for infrastructure renewal may find our series of articles on the issue even more interesting than when they were first published. The need for a more national, integrated approach to dealing with the […]